Dark and Light

There really isn’t any adventure to talk about with this picture. I went flower shopping with my mother and father, and I just took some pictures of the plants, since it was summertime, and all the plants were finally bloomed. But I do however, think we can learn something from this.

This flower was completely shadowed, but it didn’t stop the light from taking over. It’s just like life. Whenever you’re in the dark, light will always overcome the darkness, whether literally or emotionally. Look how much prettier things are when there’s light. Now picture something that’s completely in the dark. The one with light is much nicer to look at, right? Just put your trust in God, and whenever you’re in the dark, He’ll help you see the light. That’s what I learned from this.

What about you? Did you learn anything from this?

IMG_1122 (2).jpg



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